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11 Questions to Ask in an Interview or When Meeting a Prospective Client

Meeting with a potential employer or a new client can be nerve-wracking business. By being prepared with questions that you can ask helps make the conversation flow much easier and will let you stand out to potential employers. It is also important for you to know if this is an opportunity you even want to pursue.

11 Questions to Ask in an Interview or When Meeting a Prospective Client

1. What does a typical day at your company look like? Find out if you are sitting at a desk all day, attending meetings, at the same location. The more you can find out about workflow and where you fit the better.

2. What goals will you be setting for this new position? It is crucial to find out specifics of what is expected of you in the first month or several months for your success.

3. What are some of the overall goals of the company? It sets a good tone that you are a team player and interested in the company as a whole and not just your place in it.

4. What are some of the problems my predecessors have experienced? This is a great question for you to find out what kind of place you are applying to work. You should get a sense of whether there are genuine challenges that you can work on or if there is an atmosphere of blame and being unsupportive.

5. Are there any opportunities in the future for advancement? No one wants to be stuck at a dead end. The answer to this question should also include what it would take to achieve any such advancement. Better to know now than be disappointment later.

6. How is my performance measured? This is a great thing to know upfront. It can really shape the initial impression you make in your new position and guide you in where your focus should be.

7. How is conflict handled? This can be especially important in a creative environment in finding out how difference of opinions are settled on a regular basis as well as typical work conflict.

8. How did you arrive at this company? Ask your interview his/her story of how they arrived at the company and what their process was to onboard and advance.

9. What are some of your accomplishments? Allow your interviewer to tell you about some of their proudest work moments or successful team projects.

10. Is there anything on my resume that you think would not be a good fit? Give yourself a chance to turn around any potential negatives right then and there.

11. What sets an excellent employee apart? Clarity on how to be a success in your potential new environment is very helpful.

Just remember to put your best foot forward, be yourself and showcase your best attributes. You will be spending most of your waking hours at your place of employment so this is as much your interview as theirs!

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